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In 2020, we started Air Blvd in hopes that our customers can shop while appreciating that our products lessens the burden on our Mother Earth. The name was created in desire for cleaner air, connecting the pathway between urban and nature. 

Our Online Sustainable Home Goods Store was born from the aspiration to live sustainably and positively impact the Earth by supporting responsible consumption and reducing waste in people's daily lives.

Following this ideology, we strive to use eco-friendly, ethically sourced and reusable materials. Check out our catalogue of products and make a purchase today to join our community of environmentally aware customers.


We aim to contribute to the general public by using sustainable and eco friendly products that are affordable and to educate them on the importance of saving our environment. This also includes to socially impact the people of this generation to be more aware of the abundance of resources available in helping to the creation of more green products.


As a small local business, we aspire to the passion of handmade crafted items with the thought of a holistic approach and hope to share the same with other line of businesses in the terms of collaboration. Let us help each other in the effect of giving back to the society by pursuing other causes that directly or indirectly impacts the environment or people. E-mail us at airboulevard@gmail.com. We would love to connect with people on similar aspirations.

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In the future to come, in the hopes of expanding our products, we are looking into utilising more natural, biodegradable, recyclable resources. As we are starting out online, owning a physical store would be wonderful to welcome the public. We hope to be able to reach out to more people by conducting workshops as they could obtain new knowledge or skill while also providing more job opportunities in the region.

We love meeting and sharing sustainable ideas with customers or people from all walks of life. As the sayings goes, "The earth is what we all have in common" by Wendell Berry.